With a reading specialist in the school or school district, teachers have access to more training and support. The M.Ed. The Reading Specialist certification program is a state of Texas teaching certification. This survey prepares the reading/literacy specialist candidates to design an integrated, comprehensive, and balanced curriculum. Non-degree seeking students may take up to 9 credit hours in the form of a Certificate or degree program. Schools looking for a reading specialist need a way to know if applicants are up to the task. Based on standards established by the International Literacy Association, our graduate literacy program puts you on the path to New Jersey State Reading Specialist certification, prepared with a set of highly marketable skills. Reading specialists therefore profoundly impact a school’s success. Today, public educators are expected to teach everyone to read and write, whether or not they begin learning at home. Students will learn effective reading strategies, and become … A reading specialist is trained in exactly that. You'll want to search for programs that are state-approved and conform to the standards of the International Reading Association for reading specialists. Thus, reading specialists take a leadership role, guiding the development of new teachers; as well as help established teachers to connect their subject content to reading, use their textbooks more effectively, and implement new strategies as occasion requires. Secondary schools without reading specialists end up losing many students, as an inability (or partial inability) to read makes it impossible for students to succeed in any of their other subjects. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for supporting teacher learning. Our long-standing reputation of producing top-quality educators will open doors to rewarding teaching … The certification permits individuals to work as a reading/literacy specialist in K–12 public and private schools. You’ll take classes one at a time in six-week blocks to allow intense study of each concept. Some graduate certificate programs offer online courses you can later apply toward a master's degree, if you choose. Cabrini’s Reading Specialist Certification program focuses on the interrelation of reading and communication arts, as well as literacy development and programs in diverse cultural contexts. You may be debating whether to earn a reading specialist certificate. Common prerequisites include a bachelor's degree, a state teaching license, and a year or two of classroom teaching experience. Also, the simple act of assigning responsibility for literacy to a specific position increases the level of accountability—and frees teachers to concentrate on classroom instruction. For 40 years, Lesley has been preparing candidates for all aspects of this high-need role through our Specialist Teacher of Reading licensure programs. How your training prepares you to become a reading specialist, How your role as reading specialist impacts your students and your school, Find schools offering teacher certification programs in your state. Unfortunately, the transition has been messy and revealed glaring disparities among populations. Instructors may follow a specialized curriculum that provides … Through their many roles as coaches, literacy specialists, reading interventionists, tutors, and coordinators, reading specialists support the development of reading and writing in students. Additionally, they can work to accomplish systemic change where established incentives present a barrier to improvement. Many certification programs also include a component devoted to understanding the diverse cultural backgrounds of students. As with all licensed professions, the path to certification protects the integrity and value of the professional job. The Reading Specialist Certification program aims to prepare students to work with individuals with a range of reading abilities and needs by introducing them to multisensory approaches to reading instruction, and to a variety of diagnostic tools for planning and evaluation purposes, as well as to monitor student performance and growth. They may do this through author studies, read alouds, and helping kids find books based on their interests. Your training gives you the skills and techniques you need to contribute to your students’—and your school’s—success. Other components of their programs are designed to help children learn how to read for enjoyment. UCI Division of Continuing Education's online Reading Certificate Program is designed to help credentialed teachers meet local, state, and federal requirements that ensure that all pupils have fair access to high-quality education with a foundation in reading. Since many students will remain in some sort of reading recovery program for multiple years, you’ll also play a role in students’ transition from one classroom to the next, communicating with teachers to maintain students’ forward progress. These are some of the more common program titles: While specific courses typically vary according to the program structure and type, and the educational institution and its location, there are some common threads among all of them, and these can be usually found in the required coursework. Are you comfortable collaborating with classroom teachers? Not all reading specialists work with K-6 children, but the majority do — others may teach middle or high school students or older adults. Emily Cantrell, Ph.D., Literacy Program Area Chair. Some programs are completely online, while others may require a … Practicum Experience. Credits earned from this certificate program may be applied toward Walden’s MS in Education with a specialization in Elementary Reading and Literacy (PreK–6). Common prerequisites include a bachelor's degree, a state teaching license, and a year or two of classroom teaching experience. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an Enrollment Specialist at 855-646-5286. What Does a Reading Specialist Do? Pursue a master of education degree and a reading specialist endorsement on your Pennsylvania teaching certificate at California University of Pennsylvania. Program Description. Beginning with early childhood programs through the collegiate level, reading specialists work with students to develop the literacy skills that every individual needs in order to be successful in education and the work force. Certification as a reading specialist is not simply an extra endorsement to add to a standard teaching license, but a preparation program for a specialized educational occupation. Reading specialists have in-depth knowledge about teaching reading, intervention, skill development strategies, fluency, reading comprehension and the training to work with struggling readers in elementary school. It’s not simply a matter of assigning more homework and making them “try harder.” A reading specialist must be able to identify where and why students are struggling, and provide new strategies to help them overcome those struggles. While remote education has been life-changing for some, it has been markedly challenging for lower-income communities. Transitioning from Teaching to Administration, A valid teaching certificate, as well as previous teaching experience (important for establishing their credibility as a leader), A master’s degree with a concentration in reading and writing education (typically, the equivalent of 21+ semester hours in reading, language arts, and related courses), Program experiences which establish both effective instruction with students and effective leadership among other educators, A supervised practicum experience working with students who struggle in reading, as well as collaborative experiences with teachers, Language Acquisition Our reading specialist programs have earned a reputation for their outstanding graduates. Since students with different linguistic or cultural backgrounds may respond differently to certain instructional programs, the reading specialist must be able to identify when this is an issue, and how to leverage these differences instead of fighting (or ignoring) them. However, the pandemic has... Resources for teachers, parents, and students to help deal with stress and changes during the pandemic, Discover the importance of social-emotional learning and activities to promote empathy in the classroom, Best practices for resiliency and self-care for teachers, Strategies and tools to implement the trauma-informed approach in classrooms and schools, Cultivating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Resources to help build an equitable classroom environment where diversity and inclusion is appreciated, Learn the best ways of adapting technology to be useful in your classroom environment, Strategies, tips, and teaching concepts to help teachers succeed in the classroom, Insightful content to help you design the ultimate curriculum – for on-campus and online teaching, The best ways to implement self-care and resilience that are relevant to teachers, Helpful content addressing the needs of higher education professionals for online teaching, The latest trends and challenges in education, Read the latest published articles on Resilient Educator, https://www.readingrockets.org/article/roles-reading-specialist, https://www.fitchburgstate.edu/academics/graduate-studies/graduate-programs/reading-specialist-initial-licensure/, https://gse.rutgers.edu/academic-programs/certificate-and-endorsement-programs/endorsement-program-reading-specialist-certification, https://lesley.edu/academics/graduate/specialist-teacher-of-reading-all-levels-license-only, www.passhe.edu/answers/Calculator/CA/npcalc-211361.htm, https://www.njcu.edu/about/bursar/tuition-fees, www.passhe.edu/answers/Calculator/KU/npcalc-213349.htm, https://gmu.studentaidcalculator.com/survey.aspx, drexel.edu/drexelcentral/finaid/prospective-students/net-price-calculator/, Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg, www.collegecostcalculator.org/cedarcrestcollege, University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus, https://financialaid.rutgers.edu/tools-and-resources/net-price-calculator/, www.collegeforalltexans.com/apps/CollegeMoney/, https://npc.collegeboard.org/student/app/wilmu. Reading Specialist program is presented online in an accelerated format allowing you to complete the program in under two years. Candidates for reading specialist certification will also be taught various strategies for authentic assessment of literacy level and difficulties, using both formal testing and informal methods (e.g., portfolios, teacher observations). A reading specialist can also work with grade-level teams or lead teacher study groups to implement literacy programs that can be sustained and improved year to year. A reading specialist online program with a concentration in secondary education gives students the chance to focus on adolescent literacy and how strategic curriculum development can positively impact reading growth among students. School districts with reading specialists tend to have higher student achievement in reading, as well as higher graduation rates. Become a licensed reading specialist and help students, parents, and teachers develop and improve lifetime reading skills in their students. This endorsement program is designed for individuals who wish to receive the reading specialist certification but who already hold a master's degree in education. Think about your personal and professional interests and what this reading specialist certificate could help you achieve as you decide whether to pursue this program. This program is perfect for certified teachers who want to enhance their knowledge and expertise in teaching literacy; expand employment opportunities to include reading specialist, literacy coach, and K-12 reading; and meet requirements for Level II Certification, Act 48, or a Masters of Education degree. The reading specialist has specialized knowledge of assessment and diagnosis that is vital for developing, implementing, and evaluating the literacy program in general, and in designing instruction for individual students. This means that you must be enrolled with the American Board’s Elementary Education certification program (or another subject), or have already earned your American Board certification, to be eligible to become a Reading Specialist. Graduate Programs; Reading Specialist; Reading Specialist; SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES. Are you experienced teaching students in smaller groups? In many cases you’ll help students with specific, limited difficulties, for which thoroughly researched and tested methods have been developed. Learn more about Peabody Career Services. The Reading Specialist Certification program aims to prepare students to work with individuals with a range of reading abilities and needs by introducing them to multisensory approaches to reading instruction, and to a variety of diagnostic tools for planning and evaluation purposes, as well as to monitor student performance and growth. Many hold leadership roles in the Massachusetts Reading Association and other regional and national literacy organizations. Reading specialists may work in primary or secondary schools. Students receive either a Master's (M.A.Ed.) The professional education program provides evidence that Reading Specialist certification candidates complete a program of studies in reading the same as the academic content area courses and required electives of a major in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Employers in Massachusetts prefer to hire Lesley alumni, saying that they are best prepared to enter the classroom on day one. Requirements for this endorsement vary from state to state, but most states’ requirements are consistent with the framework provided by the International Reading Association Standards. The Reading Specialist (K-12) (RSPC) concentration is designed for teachers with at least one year of teaching experience who already have a master’s degree and want to develop the expertise needed to serve as a reading specialist or literacy leader. Some of the courses you can expect to take in a reading specialist certificate program include: Reading Specialist or Literacy Coordinator (District-Wide), The challenges of remote schooling in lower-income communities. Endorsement Program for Reading Specialist Certification, Reading Specialist Initial Licensure Program, Support individual students who need extra reading and writing support. Specialists can answer questions from teachers about irregularities in student achievement—for example, a student who shows high reading ability with fiction, but low reading ability with non-fiction texts, or vice versa—and share techniques to help address these concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic forced American students, teachers, and families to move learning online. Online reading specialist courses are available through master's degree and graduate certificate programs. You’ll coach teachers in new reading strategies and help them to implement standards or curriculum components designed to improve literacy education. Foundational instruction will include language development, how written information is processed by the brain, and how language areas are related. It prepares you to identify varying levels of reading and learning success and to enter the K-12 classroom as a reading specialist or coach. Practicum/field experience hours: 10. Are you interested in literacy in general? Reading Specialist, Madison Middle School, Nashville, Tenn. Research Specialist Provider, KIPP LA Schools, Los Angeles, Calif. According to Reading Rockets, the main way that reading specialists do this is by supporting regular classroom teachers in their efforts to help students with their reading skills. In order to reach this goal, programs and specialists must be prepared to help all students who are struggling with literacy. Cabrini’s Reading Specialist Certification program focuses on the interrelation of reading and communication arts, as well as literacy development and programs in diverse cultural contexts. Historically, Americans began reading with their parents. or an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Contact Coordinator Curriculum. One program of assessment and instruction can be consistently used throughout the district, instead of a piecemeal attempt made by diverse teachers of different educational backgrounds. Improvements in literacy education do not happen simply by trying harder; educators must know how to apply effort in an effective way. No face-to-face meetings are required. While every teacher can benefit from workshops and seminars that focus on literacy training, effective intervention often requires much more specialized training and focus. Online reading specialist courses are available through master's degree and graduate certificate programs. A reading specialist must be personable, patient, and good with kids. Learn how the Reading Specialist endorsement is the right fit for you. and Development. Inequities have long been present in the American education system. In conjunction with the Simultaneous Multi-Sensory Institute of Language Arts (SMILA) Summer Institute, CBU offers an 18-hr additional endorsement for the Reading Specialist PreK-12 license. Schools without reading specialists tend to over-refer students to special education programs, overloading them with students who could have been better served through targeted reading recovery instruction. They are trained in teaching reading comprehension skills, fluency, vocabulary, and phonics. A lack of specialists also results in uneven assessment, as individual teachers apply different frameworks for evaluating their students’ reading ability. This program is offered entirely online. On completion of a reading specialist program, you can qualify for a reading specialist endorsement, which is a certification added on to your original teaching credential. One of the greatest strengths of the Reading Education program is the varied, multiple field opportunities available to you. The program requires certification candidates to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of reading and competence in teaching K-12 … Teach small groups of learners to work on specific literacy skills, which might include fluency, comprehension, phonics, and sight word recognition. Research tells us that about 40% percent of kids will always struggle with reading if they don’t get direct, explicit, systematic instruction in literacy. VCU's School of Education offers an online master of education in reading with … Do you enjoy working primarily with younger children? degree along with the reading specialist endorsement. And with the right person in the position, a school’s literacy goals become that much more attainable. To become a reading specialist, most school districts require at least a bachelor’s degree in reading and literacy; many also require a master’s degree in reading education. The reading specialist program provides teachers with a comprehensive background in literacy. The M.Ed. Because of this phenomenon (also known as “The Matthew Effect”), early intervention is much more effective than late intervention. Many reading specialist curricula guide students in classroom strategies, such as independent reading and motivation for reading. This program is designed to prepare students to serve as K-12 Reading Specialists who support students and teachers through research-based approaches to assessment and instruction. A reading specialist is exactly what the title implies—a person who specializes in teaching reading. This is a state requirement for all educator-prep programs. Because of your training, you’ll be able to take advantage of the collective knowledge of the education community, and literacy experts in particular, instead of having to invent strategies and improvise techniques. … The Reading Specialist K-12 concentration of the Literacy/Reading Instruction graduate certificate is designed for teachers who already have a master’s degree and are interested in developing the expertise needed to serve as literacy leaders. Reading specialist certification (otherwise designated “endorsement” or “additional authorization”) establishes that an experienced teacher has been trained in specific literacy instruction above and beyond standard teacher preparation; and is capable of assessing literacy problems, providing remedial instruction, and leading other teachers in the promotion of literacy. Reading specialists mainly work with young children who are having difficulties learning how to read, write, and master basic literacy skills. Reading Specialist program is presented online in an accelerated format allowing you to complete the program in under two years. And achievement gap between these two groups tends to increase as students get older; those who do well at first tend to get even more opportunities for success, while those who begin poorly find what opportunities they have are taken away from them. As you go through the decision-making process, consider both your career goals and personal and professional interests.