In new btree indexes, the maximum index entry length is reduced by eight bytes, to improve handling of duplicate entries (Peter Geoghegan). Global objects are shown with a pg_stat_database.datid value of zero. Pandoc version 1.13 or later is required. Allow CREATE TABLE's tablespace specification for a partitioned table to affect the tablespace of its children (David Rowley, Álvaro Herrera), Avoid sorting when partitions are already being scanned in the necessary order (David Rowley), ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION is now performed with reduced locking requirements (Robert Haas), Add partition introspection functions (Michaël Paquier, Álvaro Herrera, Amit Langote). printf-family functions, as well as strerror and strerror_r, now behave uniformly across platforms within Postgres code (Tom Lane). This is controlled by the plan_cache_mode server parameter. Remove obsolete pg_attrdef.adsrc column (Peter Eisentraut). This adds word stemming support for Arabic, Indonesian, Irish, Lithuanian, Nepali, and Tamil to full text search. A dump/restore is not required for those running 7.4.X. This affects only the INSTALL file generated during make dist and the seldom-used plain-text postgres.txt output file. However, even though version 10 is still maintained, this tutorial will install Postgres version 12, the latest release at the time of this writing. recovery.signal and standby.signal files are now used to switch into non-primary mode. What’s going to be coming in PostgreSQL 12? RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT EDB ODBC (12.02.0000.02) & EDB OCL ( Connectors. This release contains a variety of fixes from Postgres-XL 9.5r1. Release date: 2020-11-12 This release contains a variety of fixes from 13.0. Add the ability to skip VACUUM and ANALYZE operations on tables that cannot be locked immediately (Nathan Bossart), Allow VACUUM and ANALYZE to take optional Boolean argument specifications (Masahiko Sawada), Prevent TRUNCATE, VACUUM and ANALYZE from requesting a lock on tables for which the user lacks permission (Michaël Paquier). December 10, 2019. New shiny Postgres 13 has been released and now it’s the time for making some updates to “Postgres Observability” diagram. Specifically, dynamic_shared_memory_type can no longer be set to none. PostgreSQL 12 also introduces the pluggable table storage interface, which enables you to create your own methods for storing data. We enjoy allowing developers to explore the topics of their choosing, though This can be optimized when the table's column constraints can be recognized as disallowing nulls. Previously, for example, \pset format a chose aligned; it will now fail since that could equally well mean asciidoc. Release Announcement EDB Replication Server 6.2.12. Allow the streaming replication timeout (wal_sender_timeout) to be set per connection (Takayuki Tsunakawa). Allow common table expressions (CTEs) to be inlined into the outer query (Andreas Karlsson, Andrew Gierth, David Fetter, Tom Lane). ×Effective December 31, 2020, Crunchy Data will no longer provide PostgreSQL 11 or CentOS 7 container images in the Developer Portal. Allow units to be defined for floating-point server parameters (Tom Lane), Add wal_recycle and wal_init_zero server parameters to control WAL file recycling (Jerry Jelinek). Cause recovery to advance to the latest timeline by default (Peter Eisentraut). This also improves the locality of index access. Specifically, CTEs are automatically inlined if they have no side-effects, are not recursive, and are referenced only once in the query. Make max_wal_senders not count as part of max_connections (Alexander Kukushkin), Add an explicit value of current for recovery_target_timeline (Peter Eisentraut), Make recovery fail if a two-phase transaction status file is corrupt (Michaël Paquier). This new behavior more closely matches the Oracle functions of the same name. Add --exclude-database option to pg_dumpall (Andrew Dunstan), Add CREATE ACCESS METHOD command to create new table types (Andres Freund, Haribabu Kommi, Álvaro Herrera, Alexander Korotkov, Dmitry Dolgov). Let’s take a closer look at these. Visit the PostgreSQL macOS installation page to find a link to the installer. Change SQL-style substring() to have standard-compliant greediness behavior (Tom Lane). Remove data types abstime, reltime, and tinterval (Andres Freund). To fix this issue, see the PostgreSQL official release notes for the release date and find the latest minor version that is available. Allow some recovery parameters to be changed with reload (Peter Eisentraut). This release contains a variety of fixes from 7.4.11. Allow ecpg to create variables of data type bytea (Ryo Matsumura). Set up key environmental variables for working with your container. In PostgreSQL 12 the Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation will be enabled by default. The functions for this are pg_copy_physical_replication_slot() and pg_copy_logical_replication_slot(). Allow VACUUM to skip index cleanup (Masahiko Sawada). The PostgreSQL project aims to make at least one minor release every quarter, Remove obsolete pg_constraint.consrc column (Peter Eisentraut). This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.11. These changes primarily improve the efficiency of self-joins on ctid columns. This new version includes updates to the company’s flagship database management system (DBMS) and tools. If it becomes necessary due to an important bugfix or The server parameters are ssl_min_protocol_version and ssl_max_protocol_version. In our example, the first section (10) signifies the MAJOR release number. Migration to Version 1.2 beta. Look for the binary with the latest