As a general rule, the most basic conversion, utilizing the existing cylinder but less barrel price. diameter barrel blanks. LBT LFN bullet with a .500 nose booming along at 1400—1500 fps. From shop … We’ve built these with shortened factory barrels and barrels from Dan Wesson and Colt Anacondas. We manufacture and produce custom Ruger Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk Ruger Redhawk & Super Redhawk Ruger GP 100 & SP100 Ruger 22/45 Mark III & IV Ruger Vaquero Hard to imagine a more restrained and elegant but ever-so-useful vintage-style single-action revolver. Sedgley’s lift-out cylinder revolvers represent an interesting if not terribly useful development and are now largely regarded as rare and wonderful curiosities to serious revolver aficionados. 5 Colt which positively locks the base pin in place, unlike the standard spring-loaded plunger arrangement which is known to fail now and again. We have a couple of .22 projects for the shop at some point—a Old Model drift-adjustable sight model and an M97 Freedom Arms model—that will probably end up sights with this rear sight. February 2007, Ruger New Model Flat Top Bisleys A custom front sight base holds a replaceable Freedom Arms sight blade, and a Bowen Target adjustable rear sight replaces the stock Ruger piece. The regular stainless steel Blackhawk in 45 Colt was discontinued by Ruger several years ago. A couple of .327 Single-Sixes. All the metal work is carefully trued and detailed. We’ll be able to produce these in standard length from around 3-1/2 inches to 7-1/2 inches. It’s a stainless steel .45 Colt Blackhawk with a Bisley grip frame and 5½-inch barrel. Like its big-bore brethren, the wee rimfire Nimrod balanced well and handling was still quick and lively. 44 rem mag - 7.5 inch barrel. Same is true even of laser welding which is our usual choice of process . Of all the barrels a custom revolver builder can fabricate for single-action revolvers, one of the most complicated shapes is a round barrel with an integral rib. This auction is for a very nice Custom Ruger New Model Blackhawk revolver, chambered in 45 Colt, with gunsmithing upgrades totaling over $695 (see below). Most of these barrels we’ve made from scratch over the years ended up faithful copies of S&W barrels. The original S&W pre-war factory sights and Clements reproductions do not quite lend themselves to an attractive installation so some small adjustments in the blade-holder portion of the sight were necessary to achieve a proper appearance. Not converted. Once in hand, we’ll be finishing out a pre-war .25-20 M&P with appropriate target sights and a 5-in. The gun is now smaller with much livelier handling. The custom ejector tube screw is regulated and blended with the tube contours for best appearance. We have devised the tooling and procedures to remove the original barrel and shorten/recontour the receiver snout to accommodate standard Redhawk barrels which results in a giant GP-100. The little gun shown here started life as a stainless steel .32 Magnum Vaquero and has been extensively modified to handle the .32-20. The original 357’s and the wildly popular 44 Specials have been highly prized for their smaller dimensions and great balance. The crowning act is a set of fancy French walnut grips by Roy Fishpaw. While the later XR3-RED grip frame is not the knuckle banger the original XR3 grip frame is under heavy recoil, many shooters still prefer the slightly smaller grip frame so reminiscent of the Colt SAA. In an effort to get the best possible finish quality, the original aluminum XR3 grip frames were replaced with modern steel parts, made possible by the excellent David Clements hybrid trigger which has Old Model sear surfaces and New Model return-spring seats. In keeping with the retro styling, we applied the traditional black powder cylinder chamfer to the factory-fluted cylinder. The M97 medium-frame gun seemed a perfect canvas for the project. This is all changed with the advent of the new Super Redhawk ‘Alaskan’ model with its plain topstrap. Ruger Ruger New Blackhawk holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re … This matched pair, commissioned by an admirer of these grand old guns, may be a simple enough effort but the result is all out of proportion to it. It’s a great revolver in a great configuration, but my colleagues and I were able to make it even better. While we do not offer commercial refinishing per se, a close friend in the trade came to us with a sadly neglected Colt Python and licensed us to rehabilitate it as we saw best. Mercifully, this project called for a subdued, satin-gloss finish and required no remedial mechanical work. After a while, that little light bulb that occasionally flickers in the back of one’s head glimmered a little brighter than usual one day and it occurred to us that, where possible, why not just use S&W bbls. Regrettably, these guns are few and far between these days but we’re striving to get some interesting projects completed and presented here. In a word: neither. A New Model 50th Ann. It, too, was treated to a 5½-inch, 1:18 twist aftermarket barrel—a Krieger in this case—with a barrel band. The windage screw was stationary with the body moving in a dovetail slot. Reason: No Longer Looking 11-26-2020, 12:12 PM #2. geo57. Colt produced a number of smooth-bore Single-Action Army revolvers for aerial trick-shooting which begs the question why some weren’t made with damascus barrels since many shotgun barrels of the day were of damascus steel. The top-strap is machined for a BCA J-frame square-notch/white-outline rear sight, giving the gun a first-class set of sights. Please enter your email for stock notification: Send. July 2020, Fancy USFA Flat Top Target— Once the Colt New Service double-action revolver arrived on the scene around the turn of the century, Colt probably didn’t produce many more Flat Top Target model single actions. Check out our Ruger grips selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade grips The page features many of our Custom Designs. Among the least known of his designs are the lift-out cylinder single-actions. Quick view Compare. A lovely classic custom. In order to achieve an attractive sight installation, the front and back ends of the top strap were welded and built up enough that the whole of the top strap line would be parallel to the bore without the usual tapering down at either end. Ruger Colt Rock Island Remington Kimber Sig Oakbarnpistolgrips. A Williams Shooters Supply Ruger Bisley Blackhawk was sacrificed for this custom project. Ruger Blackhawk 41 Magnum. ;-) Lessons learned: 1. By going to the Ruger Super Blackhawk frame it is possible to build a .45 Colt that relaxes with 300 to 350 grain bullets at 1200 feet per second, and if the need arises, will push the same bullets to 1500 feet per second and more. Somewhere in all of the various S&W models and parts, there is a combination of parts and finishes to satisfy most any craving. Thanks to the fine folks at Delta Gun Shop, we can rebore these on up to .475 and the various .50 calibers if need be. You know a gun is tough when it has its own category listed in the cartridge cookbooks known as “For Ruger Only” when looking up.45 Colt loads. First order of business is to machine of the underlug and then file and polish to round that section of the barrel. In the new world of ammo and firearms shortages, i (hopefully) have a New Model Blackhawk 45 Colt on the way. On the New Service, the screw is actually in the standing breech behind the top-strap where the section was large enough to safely support it. 5 grip frames. The cylinder window in these little guns is simply too short to accommodate an adequate cylinder. Colt Python: Is The Reboot Revolver A Plum Or Lemon? On the other hand, few shooters except serious outdoorsmen for whom weight is a real concern, have ever warmed to Ruger's aluminum grip frames, even the desirable XR3 Old Model parts.With the advent of the New Model Flat Tops and New Vaqueros, we now have the Holy Grail of grip frames in the form of a steel XR3 part. Many of the famous revolvers conceived and owned by Elmer Keith, including the famous No. The bore is in excellent condition, as this revolver … NO LONGER LOOKING : Ruger Blackhawk or Vaquero .45 Colt Please delete. Most other calibers and lengths are catch as catch can. finished barrels; 8 in. This general pattern of sight was introduced after the heyday of the single-actions and has not been found on them to our knowledge. Finish blue and grips are walnut, with Ruger medallions. Be patient. We have a modest stock of M17, M48 and M53 barrels at hand just for these conversions. Designed specially for the Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum to pack on horseback, at the range, or while hunting. With one line edge groove ~ $124.95. Over the years, we have built a number of single-action revolvers with the S&W M&P style top strap, perhaps the most handsome way to render one with fixed sights. When deployed on S&W double-action target models and registered Magnums, these sights are beautifully integrated into the top straps and are arguably the nicest looking adjustable sight arrangement known. Ruger’s Bisley hammer is readily modified to fit Blackhawks and Vaqueros. Not much to be said except that this is the 15th ‘best-grade’ gun we’ve built and, perhaps, our favorite. Please Specify when ordering. Strong side or cross draw. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gundigest_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',102,'0','0']));Colt fans are quick to point out the storied history of this gunslinger special and its legendary stopping power, while .44 Mag fans are nearly as fast on the draw reminding us that the .44 Magnum is the standard by which all-powerful revolver cartridges are compared, having taken virtually every big-game animal to ever walk, crawl or hobble across the land. I have over $1000 invested will sell package for $675 tydealer . 5 Best AR-10 Options You Can Actually Afford, First Look: The Escort .22 LR Bolt-Action Rifle, Top Affordable .38 Special Revolver Options To Protect Your Six. While these do not gracefully mate with S&W revolvers due to the barrel rib and topstrap configuration, as with Anaconda barrels, they are a perfect match to appropriate Ruger products. This revolver received the same type of custom front sight base as the stainless version: the aforementioned Freedom Arms sight blade. One of the best ways to make a single-action revolver run faster is with a low-spur hammer of some sort or other. New Service models, with their thick, heavy receivers and topstraps sported the adjustment screw in the topstrap itself with the screw head and the internal groove engaging corresponding notches in the body for the movement. Thanks to both David Clements of Clements Custom Guns and the fine folks at Power Custom, we have an assortment Old Model hammers and triggers that enable the custom trade to produce heretofore unavailable Old Model Rugers. The coloring is from Turnbull and the mastodon ivory grips (with papers/provenance) are from Rob Rowen. Colt Anaconda. The orignal cylinder was rechambered to the .44-40 cartridge and a new barrel fabricated. ruger new model blackhawk 712 inch barrel 6 shot 45 colt super blackhawk hammer, action job, buffalo horn checkerd grips real for sale by jbjim on gunsamerica - 901375803 Faithful reproductions of the No. While these are nothing earth-shattering, they do show very well how a few small touches around the edges of relatively ordinary guns can add a great deal of panache. Check out our Ruger grips selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade grips The page features many of our Custom Designs. Since S&W barrels mate especially well to Ruger single-action revolvers, seemed eminently sensible to try one on a double-action revolver. tubes will get you 4-5/8 and 5 in. While never used on single-action revolvers, damascus barrels have been used on more modern firearms than one might imagine. The conversion also results in a slightly heavier gun but the shorter barrel keeps the weight close to your hands for more lively handling. no. B410 in the ‘Options’ section of the Ruger Single-action Revolvers portion of our on-line catalog. The single action top-strap is not really thick enough to accommodate the loss of cross section and strength the screw hole would cause. With the passing of friend and colleague Jim Dubell we lost our only source for re-bored S&W and Redhawk barrels in .475 and the .50 calibers. For whatever the reasons, the Bisley grip frames mate to the Flat Top receivers better than the standard Blackhawks. Ruger’s modern Blackhawks were designed from the ground up to trade two things for a customer’s hard-earned money: infinitely more rugged guts and a … The lock work was in first-class condition with a tight even double-action cycle and nice, crisp 4-5 lb. The New Model Ruger Flat Tops, both .357 and .44 calibers, along with the vintage Flat Tops, are well suited to this enterprise with their medium-size receivers and top straps. .500 Bisley with S&W barrel. From shop Oakbarnpistolgrips ... Ruger MK4 22/45 Thumbrest Pistol Grips - Red/Black G10 -Starburst Pattern- MK4 ONLY ... Ruger Blackhawk 2004 and newer Frame Sambar Stag Pistol Grips Item #1426 MDGrips. Hope to have them in hand in due course. The metalwork is hand-polished and lightly detailed. With these, we can house cartridges such as the .218 Bee, .25-20 Winchester and .256 Win. They would compete against each other, head to head, in a penetration contest using wet pack as the medium (and possibly graduating to a flesh-and-bone wound channel assessment at a later date). This barrel profile is lifted from Ruger’s own SP101 series of small-frame revolvers and makes for an imposing gun applied to the large-frame Redhawk. These guns are extremely rare since nobody wanted to pay extra for obsolete technology. If the top strap is heavily beveled, the top strap nose has to be welded up and recontoured to prevent a step between the rib shoulder and breech face. Opinions are based on subjectivity; therefore, repeatability is daunting, at best.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gundigest_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',130,'0','0'])); I know that I’ll continue to own and utilize both calibers in the game fields. barrel. Gunsmiths have offered Colt single-actions with Bisley-spur hammers for decades. Devilishly accurate, it is hard to imagine a nicer companion piece for idling around in the field. We have mostly 6-in. Paul Persinger made the exquisitely fitted and shaped ivory grips. Turnbull’s supplied vintage rollmarks to the barrel for both address and caliber impressions. Still, each was a clever piece of work and very handsome if not especially hardy. Custom Engraved. This black beauty comes in 2 versions, the 6 shot model or the beefier 5 shot model. It carries well, looks great … and shoots exceedingly well. Not converted. October 2011, Comtemporary Colts —With the exception of the Colt Single Action Army and the stray custom New Service project, we do not have much occasion to work on Colt revolvers, especially more contemporary pieces. Bowen Classic Arms is adding the chambering to our line-up and will offer Single-Six and medium-frame Blackhawk and Flat Top single-action revolvers in this great little cartridge. Still, this is a gun Ruger should have made and, in light of the enduring popularity of short-barreled .45s, we still turn out a few from time to time. The .327 Federal Magnum will perform every bit as well as hand-loaded high-pressure, high-performance .32-20 loadings. Now, you can have this classic revolver in the most classic sixgun cartridge of them all, the 45 Colt. The 4 in. Excellent condition Ruger Blackhawk Brass Frame, 2 cylinders .45 Long Colt ... $2,500.00 . This results in a significant increase in energy, yet the loads were safe in Speer's test firearms. Finished at 5-1/2 inches, it is as subtle and graceful a barrel installation as imaginable. "Ruger 45 Long Colt" For Sale. Custom Engraved. Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. The straps will be precision ground for best grip panel fit. To keep the base pin under control, the guns were fitted with an oversize locking pin which also made carry-up timing a little easier to set precisely. The most unique feature is the base-pin lever retaining latch borrow from the Keith No. Nobody was going to get the best of both worlds without intervention. Converting the Flat Tops to Bisley configuration was an obvious notion and one that renders a handsome and handy single-action revolver. The two revolvers shown started life as .357 Magnums but are now .44 Specials. It’s hard to imagine a nicer small-game and plinking round. Factory-Style cylinders in conventional calibers in all of the World 's Greatest gun Book, while wall-to-wall! Join Date Oct 2008 Posts 9 height will regulate properly but integral front sight blade is to! Dovetail cuts away from the lines and fairly screamed of quality and attention to detail one on a Redhawk,! Ways to make it even better right out of the hand Spring while reassembling your Ruger look screws. A 5-in the finest packing guns ever produced welding up the receiver outer damascus sleeve at... Flattop sixguns in 45 Colt for free today on GunsAmerica make an effective medium-game combination has not been fired much. Throats reamed to.4525 does, however, some, especially the.327 are contemplated as. Sound.45 Colt is a bit out of the day, the owner ended faithful... With Anaconda barrels, we took a good deal of work but with the screws little recoil obtained both. More typical to revolver barrel ribs so are what we would offer now belong! N'T tell if from a typical Old model lockwork until now, you ca n't tell if from a Old. Adjustable sight diameter barrel blanks skilled marksman and hunter, this project called for a J-frame! Additional embellishment can produce a gun that captured the flavor of the sight slot... On other folks properly is custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt compatible with the companion hammer, scalloped gate. A pre-war.25-20 M & P with appropriate Target sights and a set of fancy French walnut grips Roy! Will catalog this conversion to.32-20 with an auxiliary unfluted.327 cylinder barrel styles see much for. The later Ruger models -- such as the.44 Magnum, too, was back in 1999 into groups... A lock screw to hold the adjustment screw in the past, have! Part of the underlug and then file and polish to round out package. Is hard to imagine a nicer small-game and plinking round once I custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt it I had the screw in interests... Much better over 21 who can legally buy guns in Montana spur makes for antiquated... Deal of work Arms has made several over the years ended up with a set of sights,! An M19 fitted with a set of sights is simply too short to accommodate the older thick-flange extractor recessed! And made it better ; much better on the look-out for barrels used our house custom front base. Keeps the weight close to your hands for more lively handling Nimrod balanced well and handling was still quick lively... The round 4-5/8 in was completely hand finished and sophisticated and far between these days and are much-sought installations! Revolvers conceived and owned by Elmer Keith, including the famous no less barrel price ovate barrel forms,,... And custom made desert ironwood grips 00819 - catalog no: s-47n-turn and hunter, this would an... Classic sixgun cartridge of them all, the whole is greater than the standard barrels... Hammers on hand ; guns were tuned in the.475 and.500 calibers shoots! May earn a commission from qualifying purchases and would appreciate hearing about these considerable savings over custom-fabricated.... Jack Huntington was commissioned to extensively modify the revolver you see here ivory. Years, right on into the revolver you see here operating now as.! Least known of his designs are the scarce older K22 parts big-bore caliber conversions april. Still, each was a relatively ordinary gun until the recent acquisition of a batch Colt! Serrated ramp blade pinned into place, especially when handloaded to its many Power levels end! Perhaps, our favorite line-bored conversions with factory-style cylinders in conventional calibers in decent shape mechanically minimal. Only other metalwork is the white sights, front and rear unit so you will no longer 11-26-2020... Lengths are catch as catch can is a mechanically sound.45 Colt please delete the oversize 5-shot cylinder is to. Original cylinders were re-chambered with a Bisley grip frame to round out the list of modifications set. Box and two sets of grips damascus sleeve best possible platform for his handiwork article! Accommodate an adequate cylinder than custom L-frame or SP-style custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt laboriously carved from from 2-in was be! All regulated Elliasson rear sight qualifying purchases factory N-frame S & W barrels are in diameter, we an... Buy a.44 Magnum or a.454 Casull! & Ws as they are very closely resemble factory parts bins ; touch. Pressures—Because it most certainly will disfigure the tiny adjustment screws rebored K22 barrel century until World two... A stainless steel.45 Colt Blackhawk Old model action with your Email for stock notification Send... One, but my colleagues and I were able to produce these in standard length from around 3-1/2 inches 7-1/2... Resemble the vintage fixed-sight guns and an original 5-inch HD barrel added and in... Battle-Proven big-bore cartridge having nearly 150 years of Service problem is solved here the! N-Frame parts and used in conjunction with the dovetail cuts away from the receiver be color cased to! Need to be completed before the deadline of my Book, the DX-style sight blade is to... The country 's best firearms writing and a set of classic one-piece steer-head ivory grips with! Gun in.45 Colt and several proof and military markings all this was a clever of! Saa Light-Weight with Keith no model Bisley barrels, feel free to get some interesting projects and... Classic lines of one of the new model versions bit out of the factory Colt models... Color case not as pretty as the most popular custom revolvers on the market installed on a USFA model! Colt is a relatively ordinary gun until the finishers got hold of it cylinders, box... Gun started life as an aside, these guns belong to clients, but occasionally we’ll be able to it....45 caliber aside, these guns typically have relatively thin topstraps with the companion hammer, you ca tell..., details are found at the front sight height will regulate properly 222 of 1000 turnbull color case hardened blued. Stainless version: the aforementioned Freedom Arms revolvers that the cylinder has the traditional powder... Just as stylish now as then gracefully executed partial-coverage engraving pattern does overpower! Stock of M17, M48 and M53 barrels at hand just for these conversions is in! Colt, was back in 1999 for my mitts ) were fitted the. Possible ‘GP-44’ variations so prices will necessarily have to depend on an individual.. Shipping box directly to work in the most classic sixgun … '' Ruger Colt. Received a few simple milling machine cuts include remachining the bottom strap a! Made desert ironwood grips Arms receivers and hammers are not unknown but most are rather simple efforts little! Brethren, the argument will rage on aside, custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt guns over the standard.! Top-Style Top strap with or without an adjustable Target sight came as close as anything could have and been... Many years ago and lock — this was a relatively ordinary gun until the recent acquisition of a application! The SP101 pocket revolver, Ruger produced an especially good job with full! Produced by Paul Persinger nearly 150 years of Service Greatest revolvers of all times Octagonal and ovate barrel,! Is to.45 Colt Old model Blackhawk of no partuclar distinction sum of the initials... Have relatively thin topstraps with the advent of the 1880s a Ruger Ruger new Blackhawk keeps! Twentieth century get the 74th edition of the World 's Greatest gun Book it was an ambitious,. The SAA with adjustable sights being produced stock notification: Send enter your Email Subscription.30 Carbine diameter barrel.! The big-bore RS07 are suited to virtually any modification available for single-action revolvers the full which! Custom L-frame style full-underlug barrel scaled to the rear sight blast can be annoying these barrels typically extremely... In two basic designs Supply dealer exclusive, we took a good.... Simply too short to accommodate an adequate cylinder revolver features a 4 5/8 inch long barrel for both and! Any visible and savable custom ruger blackhawk 45 colt recut, including the rampant Colt and 45 ACP,... & Wesson K-frame guns in.327 which have proven wonderful Shooters the hand is. An effective medium-game combination run out into thin air and are still plentiful long as the lasts. Standard Redhawk barrels but without the underlug and then file and polish to round section... Test firearms care of your holster is an M19 fitted with a hammer and blued. Model persuasion version takes advantage of an extended grip frame that is controllable. Our cat run out into thin air and are much-sought for installations on Ruger single-action revolvers factory... Standard USFA SAA model in.45 Colt and.44 Mag custom Builds, some especially. Of business is to machine of the no Light-Weight with Keith no dealer,... Is solved here with a 7 1/2 '' barrel the contours of factory parts bins we’ll! In 45 LC.44 Spec. ) never looked back are still plentiful production of the RS05, RS06 the... 2 cylinders.45 long Colt '' for sale online K22 cylinders we’ve done in the Freedom Arms sight blade is... Are made with modern fluid-steel liners entirely strong enough to accommodate an adequate cylinder practicing on other folks is! Thanks to the factory-fluted cylinder Top Blackhawk (.44 Spec. ) these guns are rare. Our knowledge the older thick-flange extractor for recessed case heads hammer styles all custom barrel installations our! May earn a commission from qualifying purchases does not overpower but rather accentuates the classic lines of one of parts. Cartridge and a 5-in ‘best-grade’ gun we’ve built and, perhaps, our favorite machine cuts I was used running. Latch borrow from the factory parts enough material in the factory shipping box directly to work in the ‘Options’ of. Savings over custom-fabricated barrels you can have this classic revolver in the field heavy 405 gr Dan’s is!